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Dynamic Alerts® - Business Activity Monitoring

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Dynamic Alerts® is a business activity monitoring (BAM) and alerting system designed to intelligently monitor data across an entire enterprise regardless of database or system. Dynamic Alerts® constantly monitors data based on straightforward user defined business rules and sends out notifications via email or text message whenever a rule is triggered. With Dynamic Alerts® you don’t have to worry about missing a deadline or having any unexpected surprises anymore.

The goal of a business activity monitoring system is to provide real time information about the status and results of various operations, processes, and transactions. The main benefits of BAM are to enable an enterprise to make better informed business decisions, quickly address problem areas, and re-position organizations to take full advantage of emerging opportunities.

Key Features:

  • Multiple notification options (Email, Text Message (SMS) and Twitter)
  • Database independent, works with any ODBC, OLEDB, or SQL database.
  • Cross database analysis. Compare information across various systems.
  • Point and click interface to develop complex queries and business logic
  • Advanced email design tools - create stunning, aesthetically appealing and professional looking emails.
  • .NET Scripting - built-in scripting capabilities for advanced business logic and analysis
  • Dual HTML/Text email support
  • Commercial/high volume email processing mode
  • Open SMTP support for almost any email configuration (i.e. Exchange, Notes, Gmail)

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