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Dynamic Reports® is an enterprise level report automation solution that allows companies to intelligently schedule, generate and distribute common enterprise reports on an exception basis.  The ability to generate and distribute reports automatically on an exception basis is the next frontier of reporting and automation.  With Dynamic Reports® users no longer need to manually login to their accounting or business system to run key reports or preview on-line dashboards to determine if there is a problem.  Dynamic Reports® acts as the eyes and ears of an organization and informs them of issues before they arise and provides the necessary information to take action.

Dynamic Reports® powerful reporting engine dynamically generates standard industry reports such as Crystal reports and SQL Reporting Services reports, RTF documents and any webpage or web based report. Additionally, Dynamic Reports® powerful query engine provides the flexibility to analyze almost any data and take action based on user defined criteria. The fact that Dynamic Reports® uses ODBC and OLEDB to communicate with data makes it useful to almost every company and virtually every data driven system.

Key Features:

  • Multiple report formats (Crystal Reports, Microsoft SQL Reporting Services reports, Web pages, or RTF)
  • Multiple output formats (PDF, HTML, Excel, RTF, Text)
  • Multiple distribution formats (print, save, fax, ftp)
  • Process multiple reports simultaneously
  • PDF encryption and password protection
  • Consolidate multiple report outputs into a single PDF
  • Dynamically create new file folders when saving generated reports to file system