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REST API for Sage 100 Contractor. Software developers, Consultants and 3rd Party Solution Providers, can seamlessly integrate their custom applications and solutions with Sage 100 Contractor.

All of the same integration points available through the graphical user interface are also available as REST Endpoints.

Key Features:

REST Endpoints:

General Ledger:
CREATE 1-3 Journal Transactions

Accounts Receivable:
CREATE 3-2 Receivable Invoices/Credits
CREATE 3-5 Jobs
CREATE 3-5 Job Contacts
CREATE 3-6 Clients
CREATE 3-6 Client Contacts

Accounts Payable:
CREATE 4-2 Payable Invoices/Credits
CREATE 4-4 Vendors
CREATE 4-4 Vendor Contacts
CREATE 5-2 Employees
CREATE 5-5-1 Daily Payroll

Project Management:
CREATE 6-2 Budgets
CREATE 6-3 Cost Codes
CREATE 6-4-1 Change Orders (Budget,Subcontract, Prime)
CREATE 6-6-1 Purchase Orders
CREATE 6-7-1 Subcontracts
CREATE 6-9 Proposals

Equipment Management:
CREATE 8-3 Equipment
CREATE 8-4 Equipment Allocation

Installation Requirements:

The Sage 100 Contractor REST API engine is installed on the same server where Sage 100 Contractor is installed. The solution is developed on top of the Ei Dynamics BPM platform. Ei Dynamics is a data integration and workflow solution. A limited licensed copy of Ei Dynamics is included with the Sage 100 Contractor Data Integration Suite.

  • Sage 100 Contractor version 22.1 or higher (1)
  • Windows Server 2012 R2 or higher
  • Minimum of 16GB of RAM on the server
  • Minimum of 2 processors
  • SQL Server 2016 or higher (2)
  • IIS7 or greater
  • .NET 4.5.2

(1) A compatible version of the Data Integration Suite is provided for each major version of Sage 100 Contractor starting with version 22.1. Please verify you have the correct version of the Data Integration Suite that is compatible with your version of Sage 100 Contractor before downloading and installing. Also, if upgrading Sage 100 to a newer version, make sure that a compatible version of the Data Integration Suite has been released for the version of Sage 100 Contractor being installed.

(2) Sage 100 Contractor ships with SQL Server Express 2014, if SQL Server Express 2014 is installed it will need to be upgraded to SQL Server Express 2016 or higher. As long as SQL Express is being used there is no additional charge to upgrade and the compatible version can be downloaded and installed for free from Microsoft.

Note: If access to the REST API is required by devices or other web services that resided outside of the local server environment, certain ports and firewall settings may need to be opened up to allow external access.