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Sage 100 Contractor 5-2-1 Employee Calcs


Import Employee Calcs directly into Sage 100 Contractor. Simply download your employee calcs into Excel, review and apply employee calc information and import directly into Sage 100 Contractor 5-2-1 Employee Calcs.

Are you tired of manually keying in Employee Calcs one by one into Sage 100 Contractor? Would you rather download your employee calcs, fill in the blanks in Excel and import the details directly into Sage 100 Contractor? The following integration template allows you to do just that. It mimics every feature and function of the 5-2-1 Employee Calcs data entry form.

Key Features:

Import Template Download:

Import File Layout:

HeaderReferenceData TypeTabExampleDescription
recnumRequired **NumericCalculationsEmployee No
clcnumRequired **NumericCalculationsPayroll Calc No
activeString (1)CalculationsY=Yes;N=No (Default=Y)Active
dedrteNumeric (6,4)CalculationsRate
dedmaxNumeric (10,4)CalculationsMaximum
mrtsts**NumericCalculations1=Single; 2=Married; 3=Head of Household; 4=Married/Separate; 5=Married/JointMarital Status
allowsNumericCalculationsStandard Allowances
addallNumericCalculationsAdditional Allowances
tblnumNumericCalculationsvalue between 1-99Table#
addsteNumeric (5,2)CalculationsAdditional Withholdings
offsetNumeric (3,2)CalculationsOffset

** Validated Field - value is either restricted to a defined list of values or exists in the fields respective lookup table in Sage 100 Contractor

File Example:


System Requirements

Requires the Sage 100 Contractor Data Integration Suite