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Sage 100 Contractor 8-3 Equipment


Import Equipment directly into Sage 100 Contractor. Simply download your equipment into Excel, review and apply equipment information and import directly into Sage 100 Contractor 8-3 Equipment.

Are you tired of manually keying in Equipment one by one into Sage 100 Contractor? Would you rather download your equipment, fill in the blanks in Excel and import the details directly into Sage 100 Contractor? The following integration template allows you to do just that. It mimics every feature and function of the 8-3 Equipment data entry form.

Key Features:

Import Template Download:

Import File Layout:

HeaderReferenceData TypeTabExampleDescription
filetypeRequiredEQUIP EQUIPEQUIP
recnumRequiredNumericHeaderEquip No
eqpnmeRequired(I)String (50)HeaderEquip Desc
shtnmeRequired(I)String (30)HeaderEquip Short Name
statusRequired(I) **NumericHeader1-Available;2-Under Repair;3-Out of Service;4-SoldStatus
eqptyp**NumericHeaderEquip Type
srlnumString (30)General InfoSerial#
licnumString (30)General InfoLicense#
pucnumString (30)General InfoPUC#
usrdf1String (50)General InfoUser Def1
usrdf2String (50)General InfoUser Def2
lstlocString (75)General InfoLast Location
pchdteDateGeneral Infoyyyy-mm-ddPurchase Date
slddteDateGeneral Infoyyyy-mm-ddSold Date
orghrsNumeric (10,2)General InfoOriginal Hours
orgmlsNumeric (10,2)General InfoOriginal Miles
ttlhrsNumeric (10,2)General InfoTotal Hours
ttlmlsNumeric (10,2)General InfoTotal Miles
intact**NumericFinancial InfoInterest Exp Acct
depact**NumericFinancial InfoDepreciation Exp Acct
depmnt**NumericFinancial InfoDepartment
lontyp**NumericFinancial Info0-None;1-Amortized;2-Principal + Interest;3-LeaseLoan Type
lender**NumericFinancial InfoLender
lonnumString (30)Financial InfoLoan#
nxtpayDateFinancial Infoyyyy-mm-ddLoan Pay Date
intrteNumeric (10,2)Financial InfoLoan Interest Rate
paymntNumeric (10,2)Financial InfoLoan Pmt Amt
deprteNumeric (10,2)Financial InfoMonthly Depreciation
strdteDateCost Recov Wrkshtyyyy-mm-ddStart Date
enddteDateCost Recov Wrkshtyyyy-mm-ddEnd Date
strvalNumeric (10,2)Cost Recov WrkshtStart Value
endvalNumeric (10,2)Cost Recov WrkshtEnding Value
unttyp**NumericCost Recov Wrksht1-Hours;2-Days;3-Weeks;4-Months;5-MilesEst Use Unit type
estuseNumeric (10,2)Cost Recov WrkshtEst Use Amount
insrncNumeric (10,2)Cost Recov WrkshtCost of Own - Insurance
taxlicNumeric (10,2)Cost Recov WrkshtCost of Own - Tax and Lic
inspctNumeric (10,2)Cost Recov WrkshtCost of Own - Inspection
storagNumeric (10,2)Cost Recov WrkshtCost of Own - Storage
ovrhedNumeric (10,2)Cost Recov WrkshtCost of Own - Overhaul
financNumeric (10,2)Cost Recov WrkshtCost of Own - Financing
cstcapNumeric (10,2)Cost Recov WrkshtCost of Own - Cost of Capital
othcstNumeric (10,2)Cost Recov WrkshtCost of Own - Other Costs
fuloilNumeric (10,2)Cost Recov WrkshtCost of Oper - Fuel and Oil
oilchgNumeric (10,2)Cost Recov WrkshtCost of Oper - Oil Change
fluchgNumeric (10,2)Cost Recov WrkshtCost of Oper - Fluid Change
mntcstNumeric (10,2)Cost Recov WrkshtCost of Oper - Maintenance
csttirNumeric (10,2)Cost Recov WrkshtCost of Oper - Tires
minrprNumeric (10,2)Cost Recov WrkshtCost of Oper - Minor Repair
othoprNumeric (10,2)Cost Recov WrkshtCost of Oper - Other Cost
oprcstNumeric (10,2)Cost and Bill RatesOperated - Cost Rates
oprbllNumeric (10,2)Cost and Bill RatesOperated - Bill Rates
dyopblNumeric (10,2)Cost and Bill RatesOperated - Daily
wkopblNumeric (10,2)Cost and Bill RatesOperated - Weekly
mtopblNumeric (10,2)Cost and Bill RatesOperated - Monthly
idlcstNumeric (10,2)Cost and Bill RatesIdled - Cost Rates
idlbllNumeric (10,2)Cost and Bill RatesIdled - Bill Rates
dyidblNumeric (10,2)Cost and Bill RatesIdled - Daily
wkidblNumeric (10,2)Cost and Bill RatesIdled - Weekly
mtidblNumeric (10,2)Cost and Bill RatesIdled - Monthly
stbcstNumeric (10,2)Cost and Bill RatesStandby - Cost Rates
stbbllNumeric (10,2)Cost and Bill RatesStandby - Bill Rates
dystblNumeric (10,2)Cost and Bill RatesStandby - Daily
wkstblNumeric (10,2)Cost and Bill RatesStandby - Weekly
mtstblNumeric (10,2)Cost and Bill RatesStandby - Monthly
moblblNumeric (10,2)Cost and Bill RatesMobilization Billing Amt

Required(I) - required for Inserts only
** Validated Field - value must exist in the respective lookup table in Sage 100 Contractor

File Example:
EQUIP,19101,"Equip #101","EQ101",1,,"","",""
EQUIP,19102,"Equip #102","EQ102",1,,"","",""
EQUIP,19103,"Equip #103","EQ103",1,,"","",""


System Requirements:

System Requirements:

Requires the Sage 100 Contractor Data Integration Suite