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Sage 100 Contractor 3-5 Jobs


Import Jobs directly into Sage 100 Contractor. Simply download your jobs into Excel, review and apply job information and import directly into Sage 100 Contractor 3-5 Jobs.

Are you tired of manually keying in Jobs one by one into Sage 100 Contractor? Would you rather download your jobs, fill in the blanks in Excel and import the details directly into Sage 100 Contractor? The following integration template allows you to do just that. It mimics every feature and function of the 3-5 Jobs data entry form.

Key Features:

Import Template Download:

Import File Layout:

FieldReferenceData TypeTabExampleDescription
filetypeRequiredARJOBARJOB(File Type Code)
recnumRequiredNumericHeader2019001Job No
jobnmeRequired(I)String (75)HeaderNewtown ApartmentsJob Name
shtnmeRequired(I)String (30)HeaderNewtown AptsShort Name
statusRequired(I)NumericHeader1-Bid;2-Refused;3-Contract;4-Current;5-Complete;6-ClosedJob Status
jobtyp**NumericHeaderJob Type No
clnnum**NumericGeneralClient No
addrs1String (50)GeneralJob Addr1
addrs2String (50)GeneralJob Addr2
ctynmeString (50)GeneralJob City
state_String (2)GeneralJob State
zipcdeString (10)GeneralJob Zip
slstax**NumericGeneralSales Tax District
lcltax**NumericGeneralPayroll Locale
dscdteString (6)GeneralDiscount Terms
duedteString (6)GeneralDue Terms
dsccntNumeric (3,2)GeneralDiscount Rate
finchgNumeric (3,2)GeneralFinance Rate
retainNumeric (3,2)GeneralRetainage Rate
cntrctNumeric (10,2)GeneralContract Amount
lgract**NumericGeneral4000Income Account
connumString (30)GeneralContract No
pchordString (30)GeneralClient PO No
pstwipNumericGeneral1=Yes;0=NoPost Expenses to WIP asset Account
crtfidNumericGeneral1=Yes;0=NoRequires Certified Payroll Reporting
fedsckNumericGeneral1=Yes;0=NoRequires Federal sick leave accrual
usrdf1String (50)ContactsUser Def 1
usrdf2String (50)ContactsUser Def 2
stmemlString (75)ContactsStatement Email
ncrtckNumericContacts1=Yes;0=NoDo not check job for missing vendor certs
biddteDateProject Datesyyyy-mm-ddBid Opening Date
plnrcvDateProject Datesyyyy-mm-ddPlan Received Date
actbidDateProject Datesyyyy-mm-ddBid Completed Date
ctcdteDateProject Datesyyyy-mm-ddContract Signed Date
prelenDateProject Datesyyyy-mm-ddPre-Lien Filed Date
sttdteDateProject Datesyyyy-mm-ddProject Started Date
cmpdteDateProject Datesyyyy-mm-ddProject Completed Date
lenfldDateProject Datesyyyy-mm-ddLien Filed Date
lenrlsDateProject Datesyyyy-mm-ddLien Released Date
lotclrString (30)Project DatesColor Scheme
lotprmNumeric (10,2)Project DatesLot Premium
plnprcNumeric (10,2)Project DatesEst Sales Price
actprcNumeric (10,2)Project DatesActual Sales Price
estdteDateProject Datesyyyy-mm-ddEstimated Closing Date
actdteDateProject Datesyyyy-mm-ddActual Closing Date
lotnumString (10)Project DatesLot Number
modnmeString (30)Project DatesModel Name
sqarftNumericProject DatesSquare Feet
countyString (50)Certified PayrollProject County
fednumString (25)Certified PayrollFederal Project#
stenumString (25)Certified PayrollState Project#
typwrkString (50)Certified PayrollType of Work
awddteDateCertified Payrollyyyy-mm-ddAward Date
strdteDateCertified Payrollyyyy-mm-ddFirst Payroll Ending Date
dtecmpDateCertified Payrollyyyy-mm-ddCompletion Date
pctcmpNumericCertified Payroll0 - 100Percent Complete
subcntNumericCertified Payroll1=Yes;0=NoWorking as Subcontractor
prmnmeString (50)Certified PayrollPrime Contractor Name
prmaddString (50)Certified PayrollPrime Contractor Address
prmctyString (50)Certified PayrollPrime Contractor City
prmsteString (2)Certified PayrollPrime Contractor State
prmzipString (10)Certified PayrollPrime Contractor Zip
prmphnString (14)Certified PayrollPrime Contractor Phone#
prmemlString (75)Certified PayrollPrime Contractor Email
inactvNumericMenu1=Yes;0=NoInactive Record

Required(I) - required for inserts only
** Validated Field - value must exist in the respective lookup table in Sage 100 Contractor

File Example:
ARJOB,2019021,"ACE Apartments","ACE Apt",4,4000
ARJOB,2019021,"34 Walkway Place","Walkwayt",4,4000


System Requirements:

Requires the Sage 100 Contractor Data Integration Suite