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Sage 100 Contractor 9-2 Parts


Import Parts directly into Sage 100 Contractor. Simply download your parts into Excel, review and apply part information and import directly into Sage 100 Contractor 9-2 Parts.

Are you tired of manually keying in Parts one by one into Sage 100 Contractor? Would you rather download your parts, fill in the blanks in Excel and import the details directly into Sage 100 Contractor? The following integration template allows you to do just that. It mimics every feature and function of the 9-2 Parts data entry form.

Key Features:

Import Template Download:

Import File Layout:

HeaderReferenceData TypeTabExampleDescription
recnumRequiredNumericHeaderPart No
prtnmeRequired(I)String (75)HeaderPart Description
prtuntRequired(I)String (10)Headeri.e. ea, sf, lf, lbUnit Type
alpnumString (50)HeaderAlpha Part No
prtcls**NumericHeaderPart Class
cstcde**Numeric (12,3)HeaderCost Code
csttyp**NumericHeader1-Mat,2-Lab,3-equip,4-sub,5-oth,6-udf,7-udf,8-udf,9-udfCost Type
prttsk**Numeric (11,3)HeaderTask No
mannmeString (50)HeaderManufacturer
mannumString (30)HeaderManufacturer Part No
msdsnmString (30)HeaderMSDS No
usrdf1String (50)HeaderUser Def1
usrdf2String (50)HeaderUser Def2
prtcstNumeric (9,6)Cost Bill OrderDefault Cost
lstupdDateCost Bill Orderyyyy-mm-ddLast Updated
mrkuprNumeric (4,2)Cost Bill OrderMarkup Pct
prtbilNumeric (9,6)Cost Bill OrderBilling Amount
minordNumeric (10,2)Cost Bill OrderMin Order Qty
pkgqtyNumeric (10,2)Cost Bill OrderPackage Qty
prtwgtNumeric (10,2)Cost Bill OrderUnit Weight
labnum**NumericLaborLabor Part No
labuntNumeric (9,6)LaborLabor Qty
stkitmNumericInventory1=Yes;0=NoStock Item
serinvNumericInventory1=Yes;0=NoSerialized Item
reqivtNumericInventory1=Yes;0=NoRequired From Inv.
dftloc**NumericInventoryDefault Location No
binnumString (10)InventoryBin No
reordrNumeric (10,2)InventoryReorder Qty
srvprtNumericService Equip1=Yes;0=NoService Equip Item
oemdurNumericService EquipOEM Warranty Duration

Required(I) - required for Inserts only
** Validated Field - value must exist in the respective lookup table in Sage 100 Contractor

File Example:
PART,19101,"Part #1","ea","",1,2120.000,,
PART,19102,"Part #2","ea","",1,2120.000,,
PART,19103,"Part #3","ea","",1,2120.000,,


System Requirements:

Requires the Sage 100 Contractor Data Integration Suite