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Sage 100 Contractor 11-2 Work Order / Invoices / Credits


Import Work Order / Invoices / Credits directly into Sage 100 Contractor. Simply download your work order / invoices / credits into Excel, review and apply work order information and import directly into Sage 100 Contractor 11-2 Work Order / Invoices / Credits.

Are you tired of manually keying in Work Order / Invoices / Credits one by one into Sage 100 Contractor? Would you rather download your work order / invoices / credits, fill in the blanks in Excel and import the details directly into Sage 100 Contractor? The following integration template allows you to do just that. It mimics every feature and function of the 11-2 Work Order / Invoices / Credits data entry form.

Key Features:

Import Template Download:

Import File Layout:

FieldReferenceData TypeTabExampleDescription
filetypeRequiredSRWO(File Type Code)
linetypeRequiredH(Header Record)
clnnumRequired [*] **NumericHeaderClient No
ordnumRequired [*] **String (20)HeaderOrder No
invnumRequired (I)String (20)HeaderInvoice No
orddteRequired (I)DateHeaderyyyy-mm-ddOrder Date
dscrptRequired (I)String (75)HeaderOrder Description
statusRequired (I) ** (1)NumericHeader6-Quote; 7-Work Order; 8-Completed; 9-Route; 10-Contact; { 5-Void }Order Status
invtypRequired (I) **NumericHeaderOrder Type
schdteRequired (I)DateDispatchyyyy-mm-ddScheduled Date
jobnum**NumericHeaderJob No
lckedtNumericHeader0=No; 1=YesLock Edit
shpnteTextHeaderWork Order Note
ntetxtTextHeaderGeneral Note
dscavlNumeric (8,4)Footer25Discount Available Percent
depost(2)Numeric (8,4)FooterDeposit Amount
locnum**NumericLocationLocation No
ctcnme(3)String (50)LocationLocation Contact
phnnum(3)String (14)LocationLocation Phone
addrs1(3)String (50)LocationLocation Address 1
addrs2(3)String (50)LocationLocation Address 2
ctynme(3)String (50)LocationLocation City
state_(3)String (2)LocationLocation State
zipcde(3)String (10)LocationLocation Zip
srvgeo**NumericLocationService Area
crsstrString (50)LocationCross Street
maplocString (10)LocationMap Location
rutnum(4) **NumericLocationService Route
usrdf1String (50)LocationUser Def 1
usrdf2String (50)LocationUser Def 2
clldteDateDispatchyyyy-mm-ddCall Date
clltimTimeDispatchhh:mm:ssCall Time
dspdteDateDispatchyyyy-mm-ddDispatch Date
dsptimTimeDispatchhh:mm:ssDispatch Time
schtimTimeDispatchhh:mm:ssScheduled Time
schhrsNumeric (5,2)DispatchEstimated Hours
strdteDateDispatchyyyy-mm-ddStart Date
strtimTimeDispatchhh:mm:ssStart Time
findteDateDispatchyyyy-mm-ddComplete Date
fintimTimeDispatchhh:mm:ssComplete Time
acthrsNumeric (5,2)DispatchActual Hours
priort**NumericDispatch[1-8]Priority Level
invdteDateBillingyyyy-mm-ddInvoice Date
duedteDateBillingyyyy-mm-ddDue Date
dscdteDateBillingyyyy-mm-ddDiscount Date
refnumString (20)BillingReference No
invsrc**NumericBillingInvoice Source
pchordString (20)BillingClient PO No
exmnumString (30)BillingResale No
taxdst**NumericBilling0=Default from Client; -1=Default from Client LocationTax District
pmttyp**NumericBilling1-Cash; 2-Check; 3-Credit Card; 4-Bill; 5-Insurance; 6-OtherPayment Type
crdnum(5)String (64)BillingRef 1/ Credit Card No
crdnmeString (30)BillingRef 2/Credit Card Name
expdteDateBillingyyyy-mm-ddRef Date / Card Exp Date
constd(6)DateBillingyyyy-mm-ddRoute Contract Start Date
conend(6)DateBillingyyyy-mm-ddRoute Contract Exp Date
bildte(6)(7)DateBillingyyyy-mm-ddRoute Next Bill Date
bilcyc(6)(7) **NumericBilling1-Weekly; 2-Bi-weekly; 3-Monthly; 4-Bi-monthly; 5-Quarterly; 6-Semi-annually; 7-AnnuallyRoute Billing Cycle
taxmrtdecimalInvoice DetailsTaxable Markup %
txadmkdecimalInvoice DetailsTaxable Markup $
taxovrdecimalInvoice DetailsTaxable Billing Amount
taxlckNumericInvoice Details0=No;1=YesTaxable Locked
ntxmrtNumeric (10,2)Invoice DetailsNon-Taxable Markup %
ntadmkNumeric (10,2)Invoice DetailsNon-Taxable Markup $
ntxovrNumeric (10,2)Invoice DetailsNon-Taxable Billing Amount
ntxlckNumericInvoice Details0=No;1=YesNon-Taxable Locked
plcnumString (30)InsurancePolicy No
plcnmeString (50)InsurancePolicy Holder
plcad1String (50)InsurancePolicy Address 1
plcad2String (50)InsurancePolicy Address 2
plcctyString (60)InsurancePolicy City,State, Zip
plcphnString (30)InsurancePolicy Phone
plctypString (50)InsurancePolicy Type
dedablNumeric (10,2)InsurancePolicy Deductible Amt
cmpnmeString (50)InsurancePolicy Company Name
adjnmeString (50)InsurancePolicy Adjuster Name
adjad1String (50)InsurancePolicy Adjuster Address 1
adjad2String (50)InsurancePolicy Adjuster Address 2
adjctyString (60)InsurancePolicy Adjuster City, State, Zip
adjphnString (14)InsurancePolicy Adjuster Phone

Required (I) - required for Inserts only
[*] Key Fields - the combination of theses fields must be unique
** Validated Field - value must exist in the respective lookup table in Sage 100 Contractor
(1) Updating to 'Void' status is only allowed when an order already exists in Sage and has a status of 6, 7 or 10
(2) Deposit Amount - creates a credit invoice
(3) If null or left out of header mapping the field will be derived from the [locnum] and if the [locnum] is blank then it will be derived from the [clientno]
(4) Service Route is only available when the Order Status is [9-Route]
(5) Field Encryption - this field is encrypted by default, in order to import a value into this field, Encryption must be turned OFF
    a) Go To 7-1 Company Information
    b) Click Options, then Database Security Encryption
    c) Select "OFF"
(6) Field is required when the Order Status [9-Route]
(7) Field is required when the Order Status is [10-Contract]

Invoice Details
filetypeRequiredSRWO(File Type Code)
linetypeRequiredD(Detail Record)
clnnumRequired [*] **NumericHeaderClient No
ordnumRequired [*]String (20)Header12345Order No
linnum[*] (1)NumericInvoice Details1Line No
asmnum** (2)NumericInvoice DetailsAssembly No
asmchk** (3)String (1)Invoice DetailsL=Assembly; R=Assembly Labor; P=Part; A=Assembly; or BlankAssembly Checkmark
prtnum** (2)NumericInvoice DetailsPart No
dscrptRequired (4)String (75)Invoice DetailsItem Description
untdsc(4)String (10)Invoice DetailsUnit of Measure
prtqtyNumeric (8,4)Invoice DetailsQuantity
prtprc(4)Numeric (9,6)Invoice DetailsPrice
tktnumString (20)Invoice DetailsTicket No
curbllNumeric (10,2)Invoice DetailsCurrent Billed Amount
csttyp(4) **NumericInvoice Details1-Material; 2-Labor; 3-Equipment; 4-Subcontract; 5-Other; 6-Udf-6; 7-Udf-7; 8-Udf-8; 9-Udf-9Cost Type
slstax**String (1)Invoice DetailsY-Yes; N-No (Default = 'No')Taxable
actnum**NumericInvoice DetailsAccount
subact**NumericInvoice DetailsSubaccount
invloc**NumericInvoice Details0 = Default Part LocationInventory Location
sernumString (30)Invoice DetailsSerial Number
sitlocString (50)Invoice DetailsSite Location
eqpnum**NumericInvoice DetailsEquipment
usrdf1String (50)Invoice DetailsUser Defined
shpnteTextInvoice DetailsShop Notes
ntetxtTextInvoice DetailsOwner Notes

[*] Key Fields - the combination of theses fields must be unique
** Validated Field - value must exist in the respective lookup table in Sage 100 Contractor
(1) Null/Empty = line no will be automatically derived; Specified line no must be unique based on the Key pair
(2) Assembly No must be blank if Part No is provided; Part No must be blank if Assembly No is provided
(3) Only P or A are allowed if an Assembly No is provided
(4) Null/Empty = If null or excluded from mapping and a Part No is entered, the field value will default from the Part No record

Dispatch Schedule
filetypeRequiredSRWO(File Type Code)
linetypeRequiredDS(Detail Record)
clnnumRequired [*]String (20)Header12345Client No
ordnumRequired [*]String (20)Header12345Order No
linnum[*] (1)NumericDispatch1Line No
empnumRequired [*] (2) **NumericDispatchEmployee No
eqpnumRequired (2) **NumericDispatchEquipment No
vndnumRequired (2) **NumericDispatchVendor No
priortRequired **NumericDispatch[1-8]Priority
schdteDateDispatchyyyy-mm-ddScheduled Date
schstrTimeDispatchhh:mm:ssScheduled Start
schfinTimeDispatchhh:mm:ssScheduled Finish
esthrsdecimal (5,2)DispatchScheduled Hours
tvltimString (4)DispatchTravel Time
actstrTimeDispatchhh:mm:ssActual Start Time
findteDateDispatchyyyy-mm-ddActual Finish Date
actfinTimeDispatchhh:mm:ssActual Finish Time
acthrsdecimal (5,2)DispatchActual Hours
bildteDateDispatchyyyy-mm-ddBilled Date
usrdf1String (50)DispatchUser Defined

[*] Key Fields - the combination of theses fields must be unique
** Validated Field - value must exist in the respective lookup table in Sage 100 Contractor
(1) Blank = line no will be automatically derived; If specified line no must be unique based on the Key pair
(2) Either an employee, equipment or vendor number must be specified

File Example:
SRWO,H,123,"InvABC","2","5/20/2017","Test Order",7,1,"5/20/2017",,,"","",,,,"Jim Ray","777-888-9595","GE Corp Services","45 Willow Park Ln","Torrence","CA","92254",,"","",,"","","","","","","",,"","","","",,,,"","","","",,"","",,,,"","","","","","",,,,125,1,100,50,,,"","","","","","","",,"","","","","",""
SRWO,D,123,"InvABC",1,,"",,"test line 1","ea",1,250.00,"",,,"N",4010,,,"","",,"","","notes line 1"
SRWO,D,123,"InvABC",2,,"",,"test line 2","ea",3,50.00,"",,,"N",4010,,,"","",,"","","notes line 2"


System Requirements:

Requires the Sage 100 Contractor Data Integration Suite