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Sage 100 Contractor 11-2 Work Order / Invoices / Credits


Import Work Order / Invoices / Credits directly into Sage 100 Contractor. Simply download your work order / invoices / credits into Excel, review and apply work order information and import directly into Sage 100 Contractor 11-2 Work Order / Invoices / Credits.

Are you tired of manually keying in Work Order / Invoices / Credits one by one into Sage 100 Contractor? Would you rather download your work order / invoices / credits, fill in the blanks in Excel and import the details directly into Sage 100 Contractor? The following integration template allows you to do just that. It mimics every feature and function of the 11-2 Work Order / Invoices / Credits data entry form.

Key Features:

Import Template Download:

Import File Layout:

COL1RequiredSRWO(File Type Code)
COL2RequiredH(Header Record)
COL3RequiredString (20)HeaderOrder No
COL4RequiredString (20)HeaderInvoice No
COL5Required **NumericHeaderClient No
COL6RequiredDateHeaderOrder Date
COL7RequiredString (75)HeaderOrder Description
COL8Required **NumericHeader6-Quote; 7-Work OrderOrder Status
COL9Required **NumericHeaderOrder Type
COL10RequiredDateDispatchyyyy-mm-ddScheduled Date
COL11**NumericHeaderJob No
COL12NumericHeader0=No;1=YesLock Edit
COL13TextHeaderWork Order Note
COL14TextHeaderGeneral Note
COL15Numeric (8,4)Footer25Discount Available Percent
COL16Numeric (8,4)FooterDeposit Amount (1)
COL17**NumericLocationLocation No
COL18String (50)LocationLocation Contact
COL19String (14)LocationLocation Phone
COL20String (50)LocationLocation Address 1
COL21String (50)LocationLocation Address 2
COL22String (50)LocationLocation City
COL23String (2)LocationLocation State
COL24String (10)LocationLocation Zip
COL25**NumericLocationService Area
COL26String (50)LocationCross Street
COL27String (10)LocationMap Location
COL28**NumericLocationService Route (2)
COL29String (50)LocationUser Def 1
COL30String (50)LocationUser Def 2
COL31DateDispatchyyyy-mm-ddCall Date
COL32TimeDispatchhh:mm:ssCall Time
COL33DateDispatchyyyy-mm-ddDispatch Date
COL34TimeDispatchhh:mm:ssDispatch Time
COL35TimeDispatchhh:mm:ssScheduled Time
COL36Numeric (5,2)DispatchEstimated Hours
COL37DateDispatchyyyy-mm-ddStart Date
COL38TimeDispatchhh:mm:ssStart Time
COL39DateDispatchyyyy-mm-ddComplete Date
COL40TimeDispatchhh:mm:ssComplete Time
COL41Numeric (5,2)DispatchActual Hours
COL42**NumericDispatch[1-8]Priority Level
COL44DateBillingyyyy-mm-ddInvoice Date
COL45DateBillingyyyy-mm-ddDue Date
COL46DateBillingyyyy-mm-ddDiscount Date
COL47String (20)BillingReference No
COL48**NumericBillingInvoice Source
COL49String (20)BillingClient PO No
COL50String (30)BillingResale No
COL52**NumericBillingTax District
COL53**NumericBilling1-Cash; 2-Check; 3-Credit Card; 4-Bill; 5-Insurance; 6-OtherPayment Type
COL54String (64)BillingRef 1/ Credit Card No (3)
COL55String (30)BillingRef 2/Credit Card Name
COL56DateBillingyyyy-mm-ddRef Date / Card Exp Date
COL57DateBillingyyyy-mm-ddRoute Contract Start Date (4)
COL58DateBillingyyyy-mm-ddRoute Contract Exp Date (4)
COL59DateBillingyyyy-mm-ddRoute Next Bill Date (4)
COL60**NumericBilling1-Weekly; 2-Bi-weekly; 3-Monthly; 4-Bi-monthly; 5-Quarterly; 6-Semi-annually; 7-AnnuallyRoute Billing Cycle (4)
COL61decimalInvoice DetailsTaxable Markup %
COL62decimalInvoice DetailsTaxable Markup $
COL63decimalInvoice DetailsTaxable Billing Amount
COL64NumericInvoice Details0=No;1=YesTaxable Locked
COL65Numeric (10,2)Invoice DetailsNon-Taxable Markup %
COL66Numeric (10,2)Invoice DetailsNon-Taxable Markup $
COL67Numeric (10,2)Invoice DetailsNon-Taxable Billing Amount
COL68NumericInvoice Details0=No;1=YesNon-Taxable Locked
COL69String (30)InsurancePolicy No
COL70String (50)InsurancePolicy Holder
COL71String (50)InsurancePolicy Address 1
COL72String (50)InsurancePolicy Address 2
COL73String (60)InsurancePolicy City,State, Zip
COL74String (30)InsurancePolicy Phone
COL75String (50)InsurancePolicy Type
COL76Numeric (10,2)InsurancePolicy Deductible Amt
COL77String (50)InsurancePolicy Company Name
COL78String (50)InsurancePolicy Adjuster Name
COL79String (50)InsurancePolicy Adjuster Address 1
COL80String (50)InsurancePolicy Adjuster Address 2
COL81String (60)InsurancePolicy Adjuster City, State, Zip
COL82String (14)InsurancePolicy Adjuster Phone

** Validated Field - value must exist in the respective lookup table in Sage 100 Contractor
COL: a placeholder must be provided for each column even if no value is provided
(1) Deposit Amount - creates a credit invoice
(2) Service Route is only available when the Order Status is [7-Route]
(3) Field Encryption - this field is encrypted by default, in order to import a value into this field, Encryption must be turned OFF
     a) Go To 7-1 Company Information
     b) Click Options, then Database Security Encryption
     c) Select "OFF"
(4) Route Fields are only available when the Order Status is [9-Route]

Invoice Details
COL1RequiredSRWO(File Type Code)
COL2RequiredD(Detail Record)
COL3RequiredString (20)12345Order No
COL4**NumericAssembly No
COL5**String (1)L=Assembly;R=Assembly Labor;(Blank)= PartCheck Arrow Direction
COL6**NumericPart No
COL7RequiredString (75)Item Description
COL8String (10)Unit of Measure
COL9Numeric (8,4)Quantity
COL10Numeric (9,6)Price
COL11String (20)Ticket No
COL12Numeric (10,2)Current Billed Amount
COL13**Numeric1-Material; 2-Labor; 3-Equipment; 4-Subcontract; 5-Other; 6-Udf-6; 7-Udf-7; 8-Udf-8; 9-Udf-9Cost Type
COL14**String (1)Y-Yes; N-NoTaxable
COL18String (50)User Defined
COL19TextShop Notes
COL20TextOwner Notes

** Validated Field - value must exist in the respective lookup table in Sage 100 Contractor
COL: a placeholder must be provided for each column even if no value is provided

Dispatch Schedule
COL1RequiredSRWO(File Type Code)
COL2RequiredDS(Detail Record)
COL3Required **String (20)12345Order No
COL4**NumericEmployee No
COL5**NumericEquipment No
COL6**NumericVendor No
COL7Required **Numeric[1-8]Priority
COL8Dateyyyy-mm-ddScheduled Date
COL9Timehh:mm:ssScheduled Start
COL10Timehh:mm:ssScheduled Finish
COL11decimal (5,2)Scheduled Hours
COL12String (4)Travel Time
COL13Timehh:mm:ssActual Start Time
COL14Dateyyyy-mm-ddActual Finish Date
COL15Timehh:mm:ssActual Finish Time
COL16decimal (5,2)Actual Hours
COL17Dateyyyy-mm-ddBilled Date
COL18String (50)User Defined

** Validated Field - value must exist in the respective lookup table in Sage 100 Contractor
COL: a placeholder must be provided for each column even if no value is provided

File Example:
"SRWO","H","123","InvABC",2,"5/20/2017","Test Order",7,1,"5/20/2017",,,"","",,,,"Jim Ray","777-888-9595","GE Corp Services","45 Willow Park Ln","Torrence","CA","92254",,"","",,"","","","","","","",,"","","","",,,,"","","","",,"","",,,,"","","","","","","","","","125","1","100","50","","","","","","","","","","","","","","","",""
"SRWO","D","123",,"",,"test line 1","ea",1,250,"",,,"N",4010,,,"","","","",""
"SRWO","D","123",,"",,"test line 2","ea",1,40,"",,,"Y",4010,,,"","","","",""


System Requirements:

Requires the Sage 100 Contractor Data Integration Suite