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Sage 100 Contractor 9-5 Takeoffs


Import Takeoffs directly into Sage 100 Contractor. Simply download your takeoffs into Excel, review and apply takeoff information and import directly into Sage 100 Contractor 9-5 Takeoffs.

Are you tired of manually keying in Takeoffs one by one into Sage 100 Contractor? Would you rather download your takeoffs, fill in the blanks in Excel and import the details directly into Sage 100 Contractor? The following integration template allows you to do just that. It mimics every feature and function of the 9-5 Takeoffs data entry form.

Key Features:

Import Template Download:

Import File Layout:

Header Reference Data Type Tab Example Description
filetypeRequiredESTO ESTOESTO
recnumRequiredNumeric(1)Job No
prtprcRequiredNumeric(1)0=Default Cost;1=Billing Amt;2=Avg Cost;3=Lowest Vendor;4=Preferred VendorPart Cost Default
itmnum**Numeric(1)Default 0 - NoneBid Item No
phsnum**Numeric(1)Default 0 - NonePhase No
asmnum**NumericAssembly No
asmchk**String (1)L=Assembly;R=Assembly Labor;(Blank)= PartCheck Arrow Direction
prtnum**NumericPart No
prtdscString (75)Part Description
untdscString (10)Unit of Measure
linqtyNumeric (10,4)Quantity
linprcNumeric (9,6)Cost
linlckString (1)L=Locked;(Blank)=UnlockedLine Locked
qtyfrmString (50)Quantity Formula
taxdst**NumericTax District
ovhmrkNumeric (4,2)Overhead Rate
pftmrkNumeric (4,2)Profit Rate
cstcde**Numeric (11,3)Cost Code
csttyp**Numeric1-Mat,2-Lab,3-equip,4-sub,5-oth,6-udf,7-udf,8-udf,9-udfCost Type
tsknum**Numeric (11,3)Scheduled Task No
invloc**NumericInventory Location
usrdf1String (50)User Defined 1
expnteTextExport Notes

** Validated Field - value must exist in the respective lookup table in Sage 100 Contractor
(1) Value should repeat on every line for each unique Job Take Off

Note: After a takeoff has been imported, the takeoff should be re-saved in Sage 100 Contractor's interface to ensure that the takeoff calculations and totals are correctly updated and calculated.

File Example:
ESTO,2017504,0,,,1,"",,"Assembly 1","",,,"","",,,,,,,,,"","",""
ESTO,2017504,0,,,,"L",19101,"line 1 part ","ea",4,100,"","",,,,,,,,,"","",""
ESTO,2017504,0,,,,"L",19102,"line 2 part","ea",5,200,"","",,,,,,,,,"","",""


System Requirements:

Requires the Sage 100 Contractor Data Integration Suite